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BOOK     “EL TREN ALCOI-GANDIA”      € 40 (Post & Packing not included)

                      Translated into English – Castiliano + Valenciano  

                     (A Quarto sized Hardback Book 191 printed pages)


DVD   “EL TREN ALCOI – GANDIA”       € 21  (Post & Packing not included)


“NEW”   November 2013  Featuring Unreleased Footage of the A.G.

DVD   “PELS RAILS del RECORD”         € 15   (Post & Packing not included)


According to the magazine via-free:

“This publication was based on the will of a group of friends, children of railway that formed after the closure of the British  Alcoy-Gandia Railway Company.  These group of friends wanted  to keep the railway alive, in thisway. Experience the history of this train and of the great social and economic importance for these lands of Valencia”.

Now this book is presented with texts recounting (in Valencian, Castilian and English) also photographs, and the history of this railway.

Owned by an English company dedicated to transporting coal and goods for industry within the Valencian community.

The book includes the history, construction of infrastructure and stations, the material that circulated on the line, and the contribution the transport  workers have made.

All accompanied by wonderful pictures unpublished and a very carefully edited type album, which makes it a magnificent publication.

A jewel of the great work it is the railway associations, which made ​​friends at work, who now seek to preserve the memory and heritage of the railway.

“The Association Tren Alcoy-Gandia”

Order though this website or directly to the address below

Alcoy-Gandia Train Association
(Alcoy & Gandia Railway & Harbour C ° Ltd)
c / Estacio s / ​​n 46723 Almoines (valence)

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