The Association Alcoy-Gandia Train was established on February 2, 2002, with a total of 89 members.

On this day, the group of friends formed this partnership (Association) and as a result the project was developed.

This group of friends were all linked in one way or another to the,

Alcoy-Gandia and HarbourRailway C ° Ltd”  later renamed Alcoy to Gandia Railway and Port of Gandia”.  (1892-1969),

Some of them worked on the original railway or had family/friends  who also worked for the railway.




Objective of The Association

Make known to the public, the 77 year history of the Alcoy-Gandia railway.

To inform about the social and commercial impact in those 77 years which accounted for inland districts of Safor, the Comtat and Alcoiá.

These being isolated at the time by impassable barriers mountains,  access was unthinkable until the arrival of railway and later roads.

Among the goods from the “Mediterranean” included fresh produce from the Valencian coastal gardens, these were exported to England* .

Coal, Wood and other goods were imported from England, through* Gandia Port.  It was a really  fast freight and economic development.

It was a special social and proletarian train which started life carrying coal and goods for industry in Alcoy and ended up just bringing families

from Alcoy and the other areas, to the beach of Gandia for sunbathing and bathing in the sea.

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