Steam park 5″



Season circulations

From January 3 to June 12 and September 11 to December 28.

Open on Sundays from 11:00 to 13:30 hr.

Price hike and visit museum € 1

Closed from June 13 until September 10th.

Train to cool ( in summer )

Day August 12 22:00 until 01:00 pm.

Rise Price 1 €


For guided groups weekday visits, we have a package of activities especially for schools and senior age, where we will visit including the “Museo del Alcoy Gandia Train”, up to a shunting locomotive (25 mt) and travel the thematic Park Trenet a / G uploaded miniature trains passing through tunnels, bridges and stations.
To arrange a visit may do so by contacting the responsible for the guided visit:

Jorge Morales Ochoa


Phone: 607 619 523

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